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Story Twenty-four

The twenty-fourth story in my collection, Girlfriending, is a five hundred word short called “Monica Falls.” Monica is hanging in the open door of an airplane, about to embark on a $250.00 skydive. But she’s having second thoughts about the dive, and about her dive instructor, a chiseled Adonis named Kit. So, will Monica fall? Read “Monica Falls” to find out.

Story Twenty-three

The twenty-third story in Girlfriending, my just-published short story collection, is a story called “Knocking.” Ryndell Klegg is mid-fifties bull of a man–a police detective who is first through the door on drug busts, or the one to run down young punks who think they can out-pace an old guy. But Ryn is haunted by ghosts from his childhood that influence his current marriage and his every-day happiness. See how Ryn deals with his past and present when you read “Knocking.”

Story Twenty-one

Girlfriending, my newly released collection of short stories contains twenty-six stories. Number twenty-one is a short-short story called “Explanation.” A man awakens in a cheap motel room alone. The woman he met and accompanied here last night is gone. Is there an explanation, or did she leave without one? To find out, read “Explanation.”

Story Twenty

“Moonlighting” is the twentieth story in my collection, Girlfriending. Brett is an English teacher who works second shift at a furniture factory to make extra money. On his way to and from his daily jobs he passes a house where a dog is tethered to a very nice dog house. The dog appears to always have food and water, but it lays on the roof of the dog house facing the house of its owners. Brett never sees anyone playing with, petting, or even anywhere near the dog. This eats at him as he whiles away the hours nailing toe boards to coffee tables on his night shift. Read “Moonlighting” to find out what Brett decides to do, and how his decision changes his life.

Story Nineteen

The nineteenth story in my collection, Girlfriending, is a story called “Connection.” Brenda buys her husband, Tyler, a skydive for his twenty-third birthday. The shoot fails. She anesthetizes her grief and guilt with her only connection to Tye, the soft essence of him she can detect when she smells his clothing. A friend recommends Brenda try a medium to reach Tye. Can Miss Rona help Brenda make the connection she longs for?

Girlfriending is a collection of short stories available on Amazon’s and at Barnes & Noble’s websites, and from me, if you contact me at Some good reading, I assure you.

Story Eighteen

The eighteenth story in Girlfriending, my short story collection, is a story entitled “Shrine.” We have all seen them, out on highways, on country roads, and even on residential streets. Crosses., Vases of flowers. Sometimes even pictures of people who died in a traffic accident. Well, how would you handle it if there was a fatal automobile accident in front of your house, and a father erected a memorial to his daughter next to your driveway? Does Joe Mikita handle the situation, or mishandle it? Read “Shrine” to find out.

Story Seventeen

The seventeenth story in my collection, Grilfriending, is a flash (fewer than 500 words) piece called “Sleeping Alone.”
A screen writer meets a woman who has her own ideas about how the the script of their story together will go. Read “Sleeping Alone” to find out which screenplay wins out,

Story Sixteen

Girlfriending, my short story collection contains a total of twenty-six stories. Story sixteen is entitled “The Ceremony.” Audra’s leg was severed, and each year, on the anniversary of the incident that caused it, she confronts her demons. For the first time, she takes her lover with her which changes the dynamic. Find out how when you read “The Ceremony.”

Story Fifteen

The fifteenth story in Girlfriending is a story called “Final Choice.” Dan is on his way to his divorce proceeding–a divorce he doesn’t want. His wife, Bobbi, is the initiator of the split. Dan’s parents were divorced, and he always swore he would not be party to the same fate. He hates what is happening, but can’t see a way to change what seems inevitable. So what choice does Dan make? Read “Final Choice” to find out.