Story Twenty-six

At long last (I can hear your collective sigh of relief) we reach the twenty-sixth and final story in my collection, Girlfriending. “Stupid Little Noise” is written in second person. The protagonist is “you.” I like this point of view because it puts the reader in the story. “You” are the one living the plot line.

In a perfectly written second person story, the reader wouldn’t know if the protagonist was male or female, but in “Stupid Little Noise” the protagonist is male. He is wealthy. He is quite self-centered, and proud of his station in life. He is probably a bit unlikable. What could possibly change our opinion of him, or his opinion of himself? Is it possible? Read “Stupid Little Noise” to see.

I hope you have enjoyed reading these short synopses of my stories as much as I have enjoyed writing them. I tried to stir interest without revealing too much. Hard to do. I hope you may be stirred to buy a copy of my collection. I think if you do, you will be happy with what you read. Yeah, objectivity from the author, LOL.

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