New Short Story

Christopher T. Werkman
38 mins ·

Yes friends, it’s once again time for me to shamelessly shill for one of my short stories, a great piece in which a college student learns an important lesson about life from his summer job. It’s called Clocking Out, and it will be included in an anthology of time-themed stories entitled It’s About Time. This anthology will be published in November. If you order it now, the cost is $8.50, a savings of nearly 50% over it’s published cost of $15.95. You will receive it in November, just in time for Christmas/Chanukah gift-giving. If you’ve been very good, you can gift one to yourself. To secure a copy now at the pre-publication price, go here: .

And by the way, for those of you who read (and enjoyed, I hope) Difficult Lies, Main Street published an anthology of stories a year or two ago entitled Voices From the Porch, in which I had a story, Coming to Terms. It chronicles Roxanne’s first meeting with Vic from Roxanne’s point of view. I believe you’ll like experiencing things from Roxanne’s perspective. Voices From the Porch is still available at the discounted price of $12.50 on Main Street’s site: .
Just click on shop, and follow the dropdown to anthology. Voices From the Porch is on the second page.


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