Story Nine

Ninth in the lineup of stories in Girlfriending, my short story collection, is a story called “Altering Terms.” For those of you who read my novel, I think this story will be especially interesting. It is, however, a stand-alone story.

Difficult Lies, my novel, was written from Vic’s point of view. All we know about what happens in the novel is what Vic knows. As in life, there is plenty that Vic, and the rest of us, don’t know about what transpires.

I wrote “Altering Terms” to find out for myself what motivated Roxanne to initiate an affair with Vic. Is she just a slut, as some readers have said? What caused her to “go after” a married man? Everyone has reasons for what they do. Having a good reason for doing something wrong doesn’t justify the act; but uncovering the reason can explain it. Read “Altering Terms” and find out what motivated Roxanne, a character I especially enjoyed creating and getting to know.

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