Story Seven

The seventh story in Girlfriending is “Arrival,” an interesting catastrophe/apocalypse piece. I always admired the way Anthony Burgess used invented language in A Clockwork Orange, so I decided to give it a try. In my story, Zac meets Annie at the lobster tank in the seafood department at his local Kroger Store. People begin dropping like flies, and Zak figures if it’s the end of civilization as he knows it, he wants to go out with a ‘super-glam’ like Annie. He hatches a plan to do just that; a plan that involves the lobster Zak names Kurtz. Stay with it, and Zak’s internal lingo will grow on you.

I hope you enjoy reading these shameless promotional pitches as much as I enjoy writing them. Challenging to write a tease that gives an idea of where the story goes without telling too much. Or too little.

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